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Oct 19 (Sn), 2014. A Pig's confession and action- "Give me liberty or give me death"

Crystal Huang shared Panorama's video: Miss Piggy houdt het voor gezien!
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A Brave Pig's Confession and Action - "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" !
Was s/he teaching many dormant human beings a lesson?

This is an old video - let me rethink about the precious FREEDOM and how to Fight For it This intelligent, brave sentient being deserves not to be slaughtered. (injured, caught....or...Not sure what happened after the heroic deed).

Miss Piggy houdt het voor gezien!

Panorama with Guizi Masterino

Onderweg naar het slachthuis weet dit varkentje toch te ontsnappen vanuit een rijdende wagen! FREEDOM!
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Carmen Ombasa Oh my goodness! This smart creature wanted his freedom. Who are we to deny it.
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Renee Smith Amazing!
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Cystal Huang

Last week, in my sociology class, the notion of FREE WILL was briefly mentioned by a student, for this is the land of the Brave and the Free when we analyzed both the ascribed statuses (such as attributes born into, e.g., skin color, sex, social class...etc. and statues assumed involuntarily, such as a disabled vet) vs. achieved statuses (accomplishments based on what one is given socio-biologically, born into and assumed voluntarily, such as an honor student or a felon).I did think of the above video!

How many can claim freedom (or Free Will ! if you like) anytime, anywhere, and anyhow and resist the improper constraints - using real life instances- the credit cards/over consumption, student loans/educapitalism, paychecks/job, the black-boxed policy-making, blind conformity, repressive consumption culture, psycho-economic-religious ideological constraints, and the rest of visible and invisible social forces. But I did remind them that they did have 100% FREE will to choose how to do an excellent assignment and project, as well as choose to attend classes !
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Renee Smith True!
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Oct 19 (Sn), 2014 Is this a sissy sport?

News Feed

Crystal Huang shared STAR FM 93.9's video: "თამაში" ^_^.
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Is this a SISSY sport? !

Ohhh, well, either sissy, silly, or sexy, if I had a daughter or son, this type of sport will be O.K. !
Surly, very capitalism-unfriendly: all you need to spend and consume are - fresh air, green-green grass,  bubbles, and laughter!

The scenario is quite similar to encouraging the appreciation of solar and alternative energies !

"თამაში" ^_^

STAR FM 93.9 with Guizi Masterino and 2 others

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Crystal Huang

The medical teams will focus on real people who are really ill not the mass man-made or artificial injuries/sickness. Save medical resources for proper usage;

The athletes might be less violent and unethical; less likely chase fleeting money, sex, and fame;

The sport teams might commit less domestic crimes, drugs, alcohols, PTSD...etc, and reduce sport gambling and sex trafficking;

The team owners might divest or invest other businesses;

The whole invisible 25-billion enterprise annually of NFL might rethink their habitual business operations and the unintended consequences on the national destiny (Woow, very global!!!!)

Cheerleading will convert the showing boobs-n-legs things into other positive role-modeling business to your daughters;

There will be no expensive and limited-function sport attires and gears. Save resources and understand the social-cost-consumption;

Your children might not be role-modeled into improper direction;

Your kids can pursue Jesse the mind as well, not just only the BODY;

and people might discover,  in addition to sport, reading books can stimulate the adrenal gland and testosterone, not to mention - imagination!!

Oct 19 (Sn), 2014. Football vs. Baseball

  • Crystal Huang

    2 hrs · Edited ·

    Week 7- Home game, now. Will get the adrenal gland activated, or testosterone kicked in??

    2nd quarter - not yet ! And then, sure, not the 4th quarter either.

  • Not:    Panthers Packers
  •     1        0            21
  •     2        3              7
  •     3        0            10
  •     4      14              0
  • __________________
  •             17            38

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    Crystal Huang Nothing else you can do - with pains in my arm. Emailed students that the grading would be a little bit slow - not because of indulging in the game (usually graded with feedback within 2 days).. 
  • Might as well being a semi-redneck decadent. ya. got a good excuse to consume some Happy Unhealthy food, like these, nothing special - a whole table of chips, dips, and some name-brand junks! (Helppppp!! Ready to poison myself with colorants, preservatives, trans-fat, and the rest of the unknown chemicals!! :D)... 
  • Proudly participating in a consciously convergent collective-cultural entertainment.of the nation and states ! 

  • Great Solidarity - only happens in Sport??

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    Crystal Huang mmm... about Giants vs. Royals.... wish - time granted me that luxury.... (my most favorite sport since I was a kid in Taipei).

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    Crystal Huang Once upon a time - Could not imagine - without hamlet, nor, the catcher's... A "real" tough game?

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Oct 19 (Sn), 2014. Reverse Graffiti Art

Crystal Huang shared Cultures of Resistance's photo.
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Isn't this an elegant type of graffiti art (reverse graffiti) ! Thanks to Dawn E Comer's post.

Cultures of Resistance
A new twist on street art!
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Crystal Huang Last week, students presented the deviance (both positive and negative) mini-case study. Adam selected the controversial/"conventional" - graffiti art in action.
We ran out of time to discuss the aesthetic and ethical issues of the Art World- regarding the art hierarchy institutional arts vs. social class....
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Crystal Huang Spray-can type of art-making has higher risk to contract "occupational" diseases than those of the reverse type ! Just a random thought.
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oct 16 (Th), 2014. What are Ebola Coincidences and complexity?

Crystal Huang
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Do you believe anything in the media packaging, since every society has its own version of make-believe history!??

Is this about life and death, reality vs. paranoia, truth and hoax, population vs. global stratification, humanitarianism vs. greed.... Don't ever watch it seriously???!!!!

Ebola Hoax: 100% EXPOSED! Plainclothes man caught next to Amber Vinson!

Please help me share this video on social media platforms! Thank you all so much for all your help!...


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Crystal Huang Many people read this article out of curiosity or a past-time reading habit. Some laughed it off with grim, some deemed as a conspiracy, while the rest - aha, a hoax of hoax..... Maybe some feel it as the angry 3rd world's grumbling and suspicion??

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Crystal Huang Shall these events be irrelevant: behind Ebola, there are Sierra Leon’s Diamond low wage slaves' strikes, Nigeria’s oil reserves for ground trooping, coincided UN vaccine campaign (who can be sure that Tuskegee unethical/inhumane tragedy would never happen again or a pure Accident??) , Ebola vaccine patent associated with US. and Rothschild’s trillion dollar’s global engagement, and the rest layers and layers of unknown coincidences?

Crystal Huang Breaking News - a further step to the Truth. The "brave" man was identified

Dallas nurse Amber Vinson's plane had mystery man without Ebola hazmat suit
As live video showed Dallas nurse Amber Vinson being...
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Oct 16 (Th), 2014. An early Christmas gift before the Midterm Election.


Breaking News !!!

Is not it Interesting? Just a FEW weeks before the Midterm Election, most schools that went through hard time during last 3 years in Wisconsin, suddenly will receive an Early Christmas Gift for the edu-funding ! I

Who won't say - Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and most importantly, Merry Christmas! HoHoHo! !

Oct 15 (W), 2014. Reproduce, Procreate, and Proliferate

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13 (M), 2014. Double Congratulations to Dr. Michael J. Parent's Lifetime Achievement and the Hal Carlstad Social Justice Awards

Double Congratulations to Dr. Michael J. Parent's Lifetime Achievement and the Hal Carlstad Social Justice Awards

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oct 12 (Sn), 2014. How do you watch a football game?

Crystal Huang
3 hrs ·

How do you watch a football game?

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Crystal Huang !!!!! The most unbelievable toss and catch
- Aaron and Randall Cobb!!! 3rd quarter.
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Crystal Huang UNBELIEVABLE!! The last 6-second Touch DOWN!!! My prayers were answered (I've never been kind enough to pray for sport games. This was the first time) !
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Crystal Huang Unbelievable game!!!! Dolphins did a wild finishing - fun to end, though.
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Crystal Huang One of the best parts of a football game (excluding the unpleasant parts, such as players' domestic violence, the brutal/unethical bounty incentives...etc...just to name a few ) is to watch a quarterback with certain kind of weaknesses (which might remind that we have too) struggling as well as managing for a winning game.

That's a  good reason why the Mannings, Brady...etc. never really catch my sport attention. And I like to watch players in the defense games more than those of the offense's. As to the coaching team, the owner's team, the whole invisible NFL (except the KIND Pinky things all over the field)..etc, to me, haha - out of sight, out of mind !
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Crystal Huang
Don't get me wrong about the pinky things, even though we all are aware how this national best past-time entertainment consuming how much the whole country's time, money, energy and resources!! , (Surely, creating jobs too).

I should respect that the 25-billion-dollar-enterprise expresses the care of a very FAMOUS disease of women, if genuinely, not just for damage-reparation, image-management, or packaged-advertisement! Be in sync! And honestly speaking, sometimes, I do enjoy it, not being cranky, grouchy, and whining to ruin he good time and good mood !

Oct 12 (Sn), 2014. Lucky Baby, Miserable Baby.

Crystal Huang shared Juan De Dios Pantoja's video.
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Why and how did you bring this baby to this world  >;'(( ?


Juan De Dios Pantoja uploaded a new video.
Compartelo tienen que arrestar a esta bestia ! Comenta que le dirias a esta animal ?
Juan De Dios Pantoja
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Crystal Huang Who was the person taping this clip, instead of reporting or rescuing this child? Unbelievable cruelty... Equally deplorable!!!
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Crystal Huang Lucky baby, Miserable Baby

Crystal Huang Human rights and the rest of sentient beings' rights.
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Oct. 12 (Sn), 2014 Why and Who says Good-bye to Columbus Day! And A Song for Today!

Crystal Huang
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October, 12 - Columbus Day or Indigenous Day?
Who says good bye to Columbus Day? Political correct, incorrect???

Seattle Says Goodbye to 'Columbus Day'
The Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to celebrate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the same day as Columbus Day, the federally recognized holiday, reports the Associated Press (AP).

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Crystal Huang The Han (The dominant group) people did not discover Taiwan - Ilha Formosa, either.
Probably, the original 9 tribes of indigenous people did. I compiled a song to Celebrate along with the Columbus event.

歡樂舞曲 Taiwan Indigenous Song Harvest, Joy, and Celebration By Xena Crystal Li-chin...
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Nicolette Ladoulis Tufail Ahmed a sociology.major..hope.he.sees this
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Crystal Huang Surely, we shall not judge past from today's standards. But, just for a basic understanding how History can be a make-believe system, in particular, written by the Powerful, the Rich, and the Ruthless!!!

Upon arriving in the islands on Oct 12, 1492, now referring to as the Bahamas, here are messages by Columbus' own words from his personal journal capturing the ominous fate that awaited the Arawaks:

"They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. They would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want...." For more details, refer to

Columbus Day and the Sanitization of History
The strife that has engulfed Christopher Columbus' legacy in recent years has put the concept of an Indigenous People's Day...
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Nicolette Ladoulis Wow, how very sad!!!
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Oct. 12 (Sn) What Are Rights?

Crystal Huang shared HappyPhoneMBK's video.
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Some parents (who was taping this clip?) allow their children (this one has a pet, not a poor kid?? See a different type of kids below) to be brutal to other sentient beings. From the early child development, children learn inhumane behaviors to harm, hurt, and kill other voiceless, powerless beings, what can you expect when they grow up? This little being finally fought back.... Hopefully this kid's parent did not harm it... Whose fault???


HappyPhoneMBK uploaded a new video.
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Antonia Pandrea :(((
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Valerie Hartman Cruelty for cruelty's sake. I would have smacked the kid.
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黃麗月 -_-#…-_-#
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Julie Yollin Berk that's horrible
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John Harrington Any parent that sits back and allows that should be called out as a coward and abuser. Perhaps a child doesn't know better but an adult who films that is a deplorable pile of shit.
PETA is right....humans simply shouldn't have pets.
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Reita Smith Kid needs spanking learn how to treat animals poor lizard
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Crystal Huang End the child laborers!!!
There are 165 million children toiling as child laborers around the globe, a number that Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi has dedicated his life to reducing. ...See More

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Crystal Huang @ John, SO as this clip. The person filmed this clip allowing this child to smack the cat or waited for the cat to teach the child a lesson??

WTF! Who's side are you on? The Cat or the Baby?
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Crystal Huang

Learning and Teaching of Crystal Li-chin Huang


Crystal 2011 Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Experience:

Fall 2003 to present, Faculty, teaching Sociology, Psychology, American Government, Social Problems, and Diversity Studies via multiple delivery formats (course designer and facilitator for the face to face, online, hybrid, ITV -High School Youth Option, Web-conference, and Accelerated/Evening alternative methods) at the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC)

Spring 2000 to spring 2003, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Stout

95-97, TA at the Wayne State College, NE

1. Taught “Introduction to Visual Arts” sections
2. Assisted Design, and Painting studio courses
3. Conducted workshop for Information Literacy and Library Automated System

Professional Experience:

2000 to 2003, adviser of Undecided Student Advisement Program, UW-Stout

1999 to 2000, program assistant at the Undecided Student Advisement Office,

College of Arts and Sciences, UW-Stout

Nov.1997 to Jan.1999, Computer Layout Specialist in the Composing Department and

lifestyle columnist in the Editorial Department of the Dunn County News, Menomonie, WI

1992-93, library assistant, UW-Madison

Civil Servant:

1. Congressional aide at the Legislative Yuan (首屆立法院 國會助理 Congress of Taiwan), Taipei

Job including: coordinating election campaigns, Congressional speech writer and serving constituencies.

2. Taiwan-China policy researcher at the Executive Yuan (大陸工作會報 - 陸委會前身 Central Government), Taipei.

1. Journalist at the Ta Hwa Evening News, Taipei.

2. Cultural/English tour guide at the Ministry of
Transportation, Taipei, Taiwan.

3. Military educator, and English/Japanese instructor.


Learning Technologies (previous Instructional System and Technology) Ph.D. program, Department of
Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Research topic: The Perceptions of Students and Instructors Who Experienced Multiple Delivery Formats- Face to Face, Online, and Hybrid. Graduate in 2013, expected
(ABD status).

M.S. Ed., Art Education, Wayne State College, Nebraska with a minor in Computer Science.
Research Project: Integrating Multimedia Technology into Art Curriculum with Classroom Implementation, 1997.

M.S. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Social Psychology focusing on Social Movements
Minors: Journalism and Women's Studies. Thesis Title: Multilevel Analysis of A Social Movement-1947, 228 Social Uprising in Taiwan, 1993.

M.A. Socio-political Science (the Graduate Institute of National Development), National Taiwan University. Thesis: Social Ideology and Gender Roles- Women's Issues in Contemporary society, 1986.

Special Training. Major: Military Education. Political Warfare Academy, Army of Taiwan (due to a national crisis, I joined the Army Academy).

B.A. Sociology, National Taiwan University.

Taipei Municipal First Girls' High School.

Areas of Interests

Innovation in Online Education Programs

TPACK Integration of Emerging Technologies

Equity and Quality of Diverse Learning in the Digital Age

Learning Technologies in the post-secondary educational setting

Interdisciplinary collaborative (Education, Social Science, and Technologies) Learning


Interpersonal, enthusiastic, and helpful with strong work ethics

Multiple language ability: Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese

Have taken computer science as a minor.
Knowledgeable of C++, JAVA, Assembly language and Web Design
General Software application: Multi-aid, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office
2010,Hyperstudio, Inspiration and variety of social media applications
CMS/LMS: BlackBoard, WebCT, E360, Moodle, Joomla.
Authorize tools: Macromedia (DreamWeaver, and Flash)
Web 3.0, Blog 2.0., Cloud Computing, Photoshop/Photodeluxe, Premiere, Illustrator

PC and Mac proficiency

Visual-art making (2-D: Calligraphy; drawing, traditional ink/painting and mixed media;
3-D: mainly, ceramics and other mixed media

Trained quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods

Statistic software: Spssx, MaxQDA2, and Minitab


WebCT/BlackBoard/E360 (LMS) Teaching Certificates from UW-Stout and CVTC

Hybrid and Web-conference training Certificates from CVTC

Quality Matters Certified Peer-Reviewer

Web Design and ITV Certificates from UW-Stout

General and Special Higher Civil Service Certificates from Taiwan

Academic Activities and Professional Development

2012, Research proposal: “Why, Afraid of Integrating E-Book Project into A Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Study Course”? accepted by the 28th Distance Learning Conference for presentation at Madison, WI

2010, Research proposal: “Struggles and Triumphs– A Female Minority Social Science Instructor’s Reflection on Sociology Web-conference Course in Facilitating Disadvantaged Learners”, accepted by Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation. (The next four research projects, due to my job descriptions in a 2-year college and budget issues, I was unable to attend and present)

2010, Research proposal: “From Quantity to Quality - Quality Matters! But, What and How Does It Matter? –Pursuing Online Courses Quality Assurance One Step at A Time!” accepted by the Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation

2010, Panelist, Hybrid Teaching- Panel Discussion, In-Service, 2010, CVTC

2010, Research proposal: “Live Meeting: Web-conference Triumph in Sociology Course facilitation”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2010, Research proposal: “Constructing a Bio-ecological System of Teaching and Learning Environment for 2-year College”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “What is the Lived Experience of Designing and Teaching Multiple Delivery Methods -Live Meeting, Hybrid, Online, and Face To Face (f2f) within a Semester at a Technical College Setting”? Also presented in a poster session
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “Learning Information Technologies as Empowering Tools to Narrow the Class and Gender Gap in Rural-Urban Spectrum- A review from Global to U.S. Perspective”.
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2008, Quantitative Research Project- “Do The Knowledge Of Using The Internet And The Annual Income Level Affect The Total Life Skill Assessments Of Rural Low Income Mothers”? University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as part of my RA projects)

2008, Co-presenter: The 16th Midwest Quality Research Conference
Topic: “The Lived Experience of Relocated Teachers in Korea”, at St. Thomas University

2008, Presenter, The 1st C & I Research Day
Topic: (Green and Dao) “The Wonder of the Tao-Six Meditation on Science, Spirit, and the Future of Economics”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Co-presenter: “A Brief Introduction to the Multimedia Enhancer” at UW-Stout

2008, Co-presenter: “A Mini-presentation: A brief of CMS” at UW-Stout

2008, Poster presentation: Beauty vs. Artistic Beauty at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Poster presentation: “Freedom Writers- A Critical Analysis from A Contextual Perspective”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2007-8, Collaborative Research Project: Joined the “Rural Families Speak”– A Multistate, Longitudinal and Multidisciplinary research project, focusing on low-income women’s using information technology, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as a RA)

2007, Course presentation, “Reflection on the Pedagogies of the Oppressor and the Oppressed”, at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

2006, Research paper: Exploration of PCTMK Model of Hybrid Teaching. Published as an Op-Ed in the Dunn County News

2004, Collaborative project. Assisting professor emeritus Jim Eggert as a translator and illustrator of the Book-“The Wonder of the Tao- A Meditation on Spirituality & Ecological Balance”. FL: Brumby Holding, Inc.

2004, Panelist, UW-System Women's Study Consortium
Topic: “A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Childless Issues in Contemporary American Society”, at UW-Stout

2003, Keynote speaker: Annual Spring Awards and Recognition of Multicultural Student Services at UW-Stout

2003, Presenter, “A Cultural Sojourner's ‘Courage to teach’ in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Poster presentation, Student and Faculty Research Day:”An Action Research Report on a Spontaneous Thematic Pedagogy in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Panelist- International Forum
AAUW Midwest Regional Conference Presentation: “The Trajectory of Women's Transformation via Education - 3 Women's Stories”, at Rapid City, South Dakota

2001, Teaching Day Display, “Sociological Pedagogy-Blending Teaching Strategy to Empower Student Active Learning”, at UW-Stout

2001, Presenter, Professional Development Day: “Enhancing Active Teaching/Learning Via Electronic Application”, at UW-Stout

2001, Research paper: “A Thematic Approach of Teaching Sociology during September 11th Crisis”, accepted to the Midwest Sociologist Conference

1993, Book. The February 28, 1947 Uprising in Taiwan:
A Multi-level Analysis of Collective Actions.
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Affiliations /Associations

American Education and Research Association (AERA)

Association for Educational Communications and Technologies (AECT)

International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE)

National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)


American Sociological Association.

Member of American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Involvements and Awards

Co-chair of Professional Development Committee of Chippewa Valley Technical College Career and Technical Education Association

Co-chair of the Chippewa Valley Technical College Education Association Scholarship Foundation

CVACTE Event/Year Book Coordinator

CVTCEA Event Coordinator

Representative of ALC (Academic Leadership Council –WTCS)

Representative to the Advisory Committees of Renal Dialysis, Surgical Technician and Landscape programs.

Course representative of Social Problems.

2001, nominated and the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to UW-System and Women of Color representing UW-Stout in 2001

2006, nominated and the recipient of the Regional Outstanding Teacher of Chippewa Valley Technical College

2010, nominated to the Teaching Excellent Award at the Chippewa Valley Technical College