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May 9 (Sa) 2015 Have fun! Listening to my baby-voice to all sentient beings' mothers.

My baby-voice to all sentient beings' mothers!

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昶昶 This one, specifically for my mom ...
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昶昶 Who was the earliest Environmentalist? Who truly adocated the delicate balance of the Earth Motherhood that nurtures all sentient beings?

Here you are: Laozi (also Lao-Tze, 老子, Warring States period of the 5th or 4th century BC) was a philosopher and poet best known as the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching (道德經) and the founder of philosophical Taoism. Question: what is the essence of quantum physics? You might guess - the "feminine" electromagnetic waves of love that bounds lives together?

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May 9 (Sa), 2015 On this Mother's Day - Is Motherhood a Mandate?

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Happy All Sentient Beings' Mother's Day, Every Day!

Happy All Sentient Beings' Mother's Day, Every Day!

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昶昶 Look, this over-work, no-pay mom.... Could she "bear a Motherhood Mandate" - a biological one, instead of an "ideological reality"???!!

Mommy Opossum Carries 15 Babies
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昶昶 My baby-voice to all sentient beings' moms smile emoticon!
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7 (R), 2015 Behold! Here comes a noble and beautiful mom...

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It is O.K. if you want to send me a white Carnation flower which used to be a dreadful one, and I hoped that I would have never had it...).

 Today is mom's memorial day. These are some of the saints/gods (mainly Buddhism, Daoism mixed with some Confucianism ) she respected a lot. I keep for her.

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昶昶 The sutra on the table is Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna (地藏本願經) which is said to have been spoken to Ksitigarbha by the Buddha towards the end of his life to the beings of the Trāyastriṃśa Heaven/忉利天 - similar to Mount Olympus of the Greek Gods, mythologically speaking - here, not a good analogy though, because these beings were real people who came to listen to the Buddha's "sermons", not mythical gods by any means - as a mark of gratitude and remembrance for his beloved mother, Maya.

As to Ksitigarbha (Sanskrit: क्षितिगर्भ Kṣitigarbha, 地藏), is a bodhisattva primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism and usually depicted as a Buddhist monk. His name may be translated as "Earth Treasury", "Earth Store", or "Earth Matrix". Ksitigarbha is known for his deep vow (similar to Christian's grand salvation - I may be wrong...) to take care of all sentient beings to get out of the six defiled worlds (made of all sorts of high-end and low-end "desires" - 六道 : 天/deva, 修囉/asura, 人/human or manuṣya, 鬼/ghosts or preta, 牲/animals or tiryagyoni,, 獄/purgatory or naraka, ) between the death of Gautama Buddha and the rise of Maitreya/ 彌勒菩薩, as well as his vow not to achieve Buddhahood until all sentient beings' lives were saved/transcended - ending all sentient beings' suffering!! (地獄不空, 誓不成佛!) The greatest non-self vow, will, and endeavor that I have ever known!!
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昶昶 I am not a Buddhist (at most, a lay-person), but interested in knowing my mother's faith which she did not know much about.
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May 7 (R). 2015 Teacher's composure, plus this one -

Haha, don't know why this picture always appears at the end of semester??!

Don't you admire those who maintain the same composure from the beginning to the end of a semester or even an academic year?

昶昶 In addition to the above condition, adding this one: people learn in different ways. Here is my way (not recommended): it is not unsusal to spend $60,000, like mine on completing a degree for being a 10-year part-time student (no ships, no aid due to this kind of student status), including changing a couple of programs for something I might like when still "believing" in education (what a sweet suffering... heart emoticon!)
Now you might know why keeping a job is so important and luckily enough, having one to pay off the "eduInvestment with uncertain ROI", and for the rest of surviving purposes, instead of being an artist or poet something like that tongue emoticon! Many people live in the educapitalism might not deny - see photo below (except those who possess strong cultural capitals) : " You debt, so you exit " - a great motivation to hunt down a job grin emoticon! - not necessary a meaningful one, though.

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昶昶 Look, before leap....don't purchase one from the following companies, O.K.....? Which edu-company??? Well, by your edu-imagination, whether for-profit, or not-for-profit, and if there is any difference between them anymore !

昶昶 Even one of the biggest proprietary edu-companies (of EduCapitalist Enterprise??) has not been doing well, which receives 1.4 billion dollars of Federal grants annually, yes, from you and me, taxpayers' hard earned money.... There are many perspectives to re-investigate this statement - Shall/will brick&Mortar schools die, fade away, or resurrect better ?? Would you like to participate in chatting regarding this one of the oldest social institutions?

黃麗月 完成了!娘在天十分欣悅,成高仙去了!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2 (Sa), 2015. A meandering chat on facebook regarding a perception of an Asian's glorifying the White Superiorism

My friend Johnny Huang in Taipei posted his friend's article on facebook regarding racial/ethnic perception (typed in character).  I echoed my thoughts in the threads (in English).

Johnny Huang
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昶昶 Thanks for sharing some good points and insightful observations. I would like to share some of my thoughts - which could be my biases. Every culture has its ideological freedom and constraints tied to its economic-historical formation and development. How to generalize "而是全體白人, 很多品質已經進入到他們的血液中,甚至形成遺傳基因,他們能成為這個世界事實上統治者..."- Hopefully, not my being 斷章取義- note: there are many kinds of white, Nazi German white, Anglo-Saxon white, Slav white, Hispanic white....and many mixed white as well as 100+ shades go-between...." without committing stereotype (whether positive or negative - a major source of prejudice and discrimination) is not an easy task, though.
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昶昶 Indeed, "白" "race" can be good as the article argued. But why? How to make other race/ethnic groups think and behave as good or even better is not impossible. Many factors compound to today's perceptions on the diverse human population.

Generally speaking, there could be the legacies of two historical events that might make "白" people look nicer and behave better today, unless you totally believe in bio-determinant, (as the author pointed out) that I could think of: one could be Industrialization and the other one, maybe, colonialism/imperialism. The global stratification (the inequality in the global scale in terms of colonial plundering on other countries' natural and human resources, enslavement, econ-political domination and repression happening in the colonial era) had existed for more than 300 years in the world history. Some handy examples would be the colonialized Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Indian Peninsula.... the most close ones would be 八國聯軍, 鴉片戰爭, 裂地賠款, 崇洋媚外, 倭寇侵中...etc. Though history may not bear responsibility of how a nation shapes her characters or sense of moralities, not many nations could avoid the major confluences from the larger environment.
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昶昶 The winners and conquers brought back the spoils/trophies (gold, silver, oil, spiciest, slaves, lands, and other precious materials, YES, with their "ingenuity and smartness", plus abundance free goodies and labor forces, they built "clean, polite, 'HONEST', well-educated societies"!!!! - several centuries ahead of other "poor, selfish, dirty, lazy, and immoral" colonialized, pillaged, looted countries... See attached now still happening in the 21st century of Latin America - Indigenous people are fighting for their lands. Ohhh yeees, don't these people look clean, smart, respectful, caring, loving, and well-educated like those "白 race" ????

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昶昶 I agree to the author's idea of education - an expensive national investment which is a key transformation of a nation's human capitals. But not all education leads to proper human development, such as edu-capitalism that may not be, and even worse, its outcome can be against humanity, as a simple example.
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昶昶 Echoing the author's idea: another quick example, if not anecdote, Froebel set up his school in Blankenburg Germany in 1837, later known as the first kindergarten. He called for German women to come together and support the kindergarten to educate the Future Hope of a Nation. Here is pop-quiz for you - If you recall properly what happened during 1837 in Taiwanese, Chinese and Global history????
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昶昶 I am not defending any racial/ethnic, or national entities for their moral or immoral characters/human development. 見賢當思齊, 見不善而內自省. Human beings are adaptable and have capacity to learn and unlearn when proper environment and life chances are available.
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昶昶 As you are familiar to the three major schools of thoughts regarding human nature - do you believe human beings are born to be good, bad, or blank slate? 性善性惡, 無善無惡, 蓬生蔴中?? Why? Could a jumpy perception (or stereotype) be treated or thoughts of more cautiously?
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Birgit Hartel Very interesting commentaries from everyone, Johnny - I read the translated version from Chinese of your post & was very moved by it.
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昶昶 問題是.....很多各式各樣的白人 (有些並不比其它有色人種好到那兒去, 由於不同的政經文化條件,) 分不太清楚 你是臺灣人 還是大陸人....在這兒教了十七年書, 它們還是會有 - 指馬為陸- 的情況發生!
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May 2 (Sa), 2015 Songs for Mother's Day....

母親您在何方 Mother- Where are you - by Xena Crystal Li-chin Huang 黃昶 #3

Mother's Day.... I sang a song for my mom... (in Taiwanese Mandarin)
By Xena LCH #135

東京へ来たけれど 媽媽請妳也保重 (Dear Mom, take care.) By Xena LCH #135

(然而我已來到東京)   1957年 (昭和32年)
作詞:不詳 作曲:不詳
Sung by Xena LCH #135 (in Japanese)
達者でいるからよ   心配しないでよ
便り書くよに 俺らの胸へ
汽笛がひびくよ おっ母さん
よせと言われて よせと言われて 
しっかりやるからよ 心配しないでよ  啊!
熱さ寒さに 負けないように
ご気嫌よろしく おっ母さん
苦労承知で 苦労承知で
立派になるからよ 心配しないでよ


リンゴ追分 (懷念蘋果花/Nostalgic Apple Blossoms- Missing Mother). By Xena LCH #121

リンゴ追分 (懷念蘋果花 / Nostalgic Apple Blossoms)  In Japanese
Sung:  Xena  LCH# 121

リンゴの花びらが 風にちったよな  
月夜に 月夜に そっと えええ……
つがる娘は ないたとさ  
つらい別れを ないたとさ
風に散ったよな あああ……

「お岩木山のてっぺんを 綿みてえな白い雲が
桃の花が咲き 桜が咲き

つがる娘は ないたとさ
つらい別れを ないたとさ
風に散ったよな あああ……

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28 (T), 2015. Two kinds of union.

You added 6 new photos to the album: 042815 CVTC Scholarship Award Ceremony (Day 1).
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With Chippewa Valley Technical College Education Association Scholarship Recipients
(Previous Teachers' Union Scholarship).

                                 With Matt (supposed to be a soc professor) and President Bruce
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昶昶 Matt (n the middle) is a non-traditional returning learner with
                                 broad Liberal Arts knowledge and life experiences.
                                 His presentations (both psy and soc) were
                                 10 times better than mine.
                                 He could be my teacher not the other way round!
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昶昶 was invited for Day 2 (4/29 W) Ceremony too, for my mom and dad's
(蔡-黃) Liberal Arts/Diversity Memorial Endowment Scholarship. See you tomorrow!
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昶昶 Why is this dreadful word - "union" becoming so scaaaary - in Wisconsin ? - I mean, for blue-collars...
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昶昶 As to Baltimore, sitll ring the bell!
President Lincoln did say "another kind of union" a lot. He was not afraid or scared:
"Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation. We say we are for the Union. The world will not forget that we say this. We know how to save the Union. The world knows we do know how to save it. We -- even we here -- hold the power, and bear the responsibility. In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free -- honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth. Other means may succeed; this could not fail. The way is plain, peaceful, generous, just -- a way which, if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless..."
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昶昶 Isn't the old fashion gradually transforming into the post/modern-slavery...
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Learning and Teaching of Crystal Li-chin Huang


Crystal 2013 Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Experience:

Fall 2003 to present, Faculty, teaching Sociology, Psychology, American Government, Social Problems, and Diversity Studies via multiple delivery formats (course designer and facilitator for the face to face, online, hybrid, ITV -High School Youth Option, Web-conference, and Accelerated/Evening alternative methods) at the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC)

Spring 2000 to spring 2003, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Stout

95-97, TA at the Wayne State College, NE

1. Taught “Introduction to Visual Arts” sections
2. Assisted Design, and Painting studio courses
3. Conducted workshop for Information Literacy and Library Automated System

Professional Experience:

2000 to 2003, adviser of Undecided Student Advisement Program, UW-Stout

1999 to 2000, program assistant at the Undecided Student Advisement Office,

College of Arts and Sciences, UW-Stout

Nov.1997 to Jan.1999, Computer Layout Specialist in the Composing Department and

lifestyle columnist in the Editorial Department of the Dunn County News, Menomonie, WI

1992-93, library assistant, UW-Madison

Civil Servant:

1. Congressional aide at the Legislative Yuan (首屆立法院 國會助理 Congress of Taiwan), Taipei

Job including: coordinating election campaigns, Congressional speech writer and serving constituencies.

2. Taiwan-China policy researcher at the Executive Yuan (大陸工作會報 - 陸委會前身 Central Government), Taipei.

1. Journalist at the Ta Hwa Evening News, Taipei.

2. Cultural/English tour guide at the Ministry of
Transportation, Taipei, Taiwan.

3. Military educator, and English/Japanese instructor.


Ph.D. program.Learning Technologies (previous Instructional Systems and Technology) , Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Dissertation: Preferences, Pedagogical Strategies,
and Challenges of Instructors Teaching in Multiple Delivery Formats within A 2-Year College Context

M.S. Ed., Art Education, Wayne State College, Nebraska with a minor in Computer Science.
Research Project: Integrating Multimedia Technology into Art Curriculum with Classroom Implementation, 1997.

M.S. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Social Psychology focusing on Social Movements
Minors: Journalism and Women's Studies. Thesis Title: Multilevel Analysis of A Social Movement-1947, 228 Social Uprising in Taiwan, 1993.

M.A. Socio-political Science (the Graduate Institute of National Development), National Taiwan University. Thesis: Social Ideology and Gender Roles- Women's Issues in Contemporary society, 1986.

Special Training. Major: Military Education. Political Warfare Academy, Army of Taiwan (due to a national crisis, I joined the Army Academy).

B.A. Sociology, National Taiwan University.

Taipei Municipal First Girls' High School.

Areas of Interests

Innovation in Online Education Programs

TPACK Integration of Emerging Technologies

Equity and Quality of Diverse Learning in the Digital Age

Learning Technologies in the post-secondary educational setting

Interdisciplinary collaborative (Education, Social Science, and Technologies) Learning


Interpersonal, enthusiastic, and helpful with strong work ethics

Multiple language ability: Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese

Have taken computer science as a minor.
Knowledgeable of C++, JAVA, Assembly language and Web Design
General Software application: Multi-aid, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office
2010,Hyperstudio, Inspiration and variety of social media applications
CMS/LMS: BlackBoard, WebCT, E360, Moodle, Joomla.
Authorize tools: Macromedia (DreamWeaver, and Flash)
Web 3.0, Blog 2.0., Cloud Computing, Photoshop/Photodeluxe, Premiere, Illustrator

PC and Mac proficiency

Visual-art making (2-D: Calligraphy; drawing, traditional ink/painting and mixed media;
3-D: mainly, ceramics and other mixed media

Trained quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods

Statistic software: Spssx, MaxQDA2, and Minitab


WebCT/BlackBoard/E360 (LMS) Teaching Certificates from UW-Stout and CVTC

Hybrid and Web-conference training Certificates from CVTC

Quality Matters Certified Peer-Reviewer

Web Design and ITV Certificates from UW-Stout

General and Special Higher Civil Service Certificates from Taiwan

Academic Activities and Professional Development

1993. Book. Title :The February 28, 1947 Uprising in Taiwan:
A Multi-leveled Analysis of Collective Actions
Author Li-Chin (Crystal) Huang
Publisher: University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1993
Digitized Feb 19, 2008. Length 172 pages

2012, Research proposal: “Why, Afraid of Integrating E-Book Project into A Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Study Course”? accepted by the 28th Distance Learning Conference for presentation at Madison, WI

2010, Research proposal: “Struggles and Triumphs– A Female Minority Social Science Instructor’s Reflection on Sociology Web-conference Course in Facilitating Disadvantaged Learners”, accepted by Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation. (The next four research projects, due to my job descriptions in a 2-year college and budget issues, I was unable to attend and present)

2010, Research proposal: “From Quantity to Quality - Quality Matters! But, What and How Does It Matter? –Pursuing Online Courses Quality Assurance One Step at A Time!” accepted by the Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation

2010, Panelist, Hybrid Teaching- Panel Discussion, In-Service, 2010, CVTC

2010, Research proposal: “Live Meeting: Web-conference Triumph in Sociology Course facilitation”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2010, Research proposal: “Constructing a Bio-ecological System of Teaching and Learning Environment for 2-year College”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “What is the Lived Experience of Designing and Teaching Multiple Delivery Methods -Live Meeting, Hybrid, Online, and Face To Face (f2f) within a Semester at a Technical College Setting”? Also presented in a poster session
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “Learning Information Technologies as Empowering Tools to Narrow the Class and Gender Gap in Rural-Urban Spectrum- A review from Global to U.S. Perspective”.
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2008, Quantitative Research Project- “Do The Knowledge Of Using The Internet And The Annual Income Level Affect The Total Life Skill Assessments Of Rural Low Income Mothers”? University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as part of my RA projects)

2008, Co-presenter: The 16th Midwest Quality Research Conference
Topic: “The Lived Experience of Relocated Teachers in Korea”, at St. Thomas University

2008, Presenter, The 1st C & I Research Day
Topic: (Green and Dao) “The Wonder of the Tao-Six Meditation on Science, Spirit, and the Future of Economics”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Co-presenter: “A Brief Introduction to the Multimedia Enhancer” at UW-Stout

2008, Co-presenter: “A Mini-presentation: A brief of CMS” at UW-Stout

2008, Poster presentation: Beauty vs. Artistic Beauty at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Poster presentation: “Freedom Writers- A Critical Analysis from A Contextual Perspective”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2007-8, Collaborative Research Project: Joined the “Rural Families Speak”– A Multistate, Longitudinal and Multidisciplinary research project, focusing on low-income women’s using information technology, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as a RA)

2007, Course presentation, “Reflection on the Pedagogies of the Oppressor and the Oppressed”, at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

2006, Research paper: Exploration of PCTMK Model of Hybrid Teaching. Published as an Op-Ed in the Dunn County News

2004, Collaborative project. Assisting professor emeritus Jim Eggert as a translator, illustrator with calligraphy of the Book-“The Wonder of the Tao- A Meditation on Spirituality & Ecological Balance”. FL: Brumby Holding, Inc.

2004, Panelist, UW-System Women's Study Consortium
Topic: “A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Childless Issues in Contemporary American Society”, at UW-Stout

2003, Keynote speaker: Annual Spring Awards and Recognition of Multicultural Student Services at UW-Stout

2003, Presenter, “A Cultural Sojourner's ‘Courage to teach’ in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Poster presentation, Student and Faculty Research Day:”An Action Research Report on a Spontaneous Thematic Pedagogy in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Panelist- International Forum
AAUW Midwest Regional Conference Presentation: “The Trajectory of Women's Transformation via Education - 3 Women's Stories”, at Rapid City, South Dakota

2001, Teaching Day Display, “Sociological Pedagogy-Blending Teaching Strategy to Empower Student Active Learning”, at UW-Stout

2001, Presenter, Professional Development Day: “Enhancing Active Teaching/Learning Via Electronic Application”, at UW-Stout

2001, Research paper: “A Thematic Approach of Teaching Sociology during September 11th Crisis”, accepted to the Midwest Sociologist Conference

1993, Book. The February 28, 1947 Uprising in Taiwan:
A Multi-level Analysis of Collective Actions.
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Affiliations /Associations

American Education and Research Association (AERA)

Association for Educational Communications and Technologies (AECT)

International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE)

National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)


American Sociological Association.

Member of American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Involvements and Awards

Co-chair of Professional Development Committee of Chippewa Valley Technical College Career and Technical Education Association

Co-chair of the Chippewa Valley Technical College Education Association Scholarship Foundation

CVACTE Event/Year Book Coordinator

CVTCEA Event Coordinator

Representative of ALC (Academic Leadership Council –WTCS)

Representative to the Advisory Committees of Renal Dialysis, Surgical Technician and Landscape programs.

Course representative of Social Problems.

2001, nominated and the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to UW-System and Women of Color representing UW-Stout in 2001

2006, nominated and the recipient of the Regional Outstanding Teacher of Chippewa Valley Technical College

2010, nominated to the Teaching Excellent Award at the Chippewa Valley Technical College