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Aug. 28 (Th), 2014 Why are the Techno-Corporate interests so pervasive? Crystal's Teaching-Learning-Sharing#43

Crystal Huang shared a link via Renee Smith.
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Who dominates to whose best interests by what and how?

The LA School iPad Scandal: What You Need To Know

The Los Angeles Unified School District has shut down a half-a-billion-dollar deal with Apple and Pearson to provide classroom technology. Here's what happened.

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Crystal Huang This event could be another "told" anecdote ...and I am not a Luddite (in fact, with a Computer Science minor degree and a background in Learning technology- previously Instructional System and Technology)- just feeling uneasy for some techno-Corporate, technocrats'/technoHypes' repressively directing the techno- artificial/ forced over-consumption...without proper justification to why and how TechnoCorporate Interests are so pervasive??? - my personal bias.
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Crystal Huang Thanks, Renee Smith.
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Aug. 26 (T), 2014 The difference between Privilege and Entitlement :)! Crystal's serendipitous teaching-learning-sharing#42

Crystal Huang
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The 2nd exciting day of the fall semester, 2014! So far, I have met
2 classes of Face to Face (f2f) 200 level transfer track of Introductory Sociology
1 class of Compressed Hybrid Introduction to sociology night class
2 classes of Online Introduction to Diversity Studies
another 1 Compressed Hybrid Introduction to sociology will meet in October...

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Crystal Huang So happy to meet many traditional young students (in the transfer track) who are keenly aware of the issues of multi-dimensional justice and environmental challenges. One of them intended to take sociology as a major that made me smile...mmm, perhaps, relating to my pink T-shirt today...???

By the way, during the warming-up, joking around with students regarding the difference between Privilege and Entitlement -
To have opportunities to learn and understand Philosophy- History - Sociology is a tremendous Privilege (without tightening the belt ). To be in a classroom led by an instructor who is deeply in love with these 3 subject matters plus a charming accent is a HEAVENLY Entitlement :) :D   !

But, then... this luxury is too cheap to be affordable to many, and too expensive to the few to enjoy.

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Crystal Huang I told yesterday and today's classes, when I was typing the Day One survey with their name tags before school began in every semester during last 11 years at CVTC and 4 years at UW-Stout, I always lost in the Sociological Imagination - among them, I imagined, who would like to pick up the Sociological Torch and passing on this marvelous Prometheus FIRE, and Keep on burninnnnnnng and shinninggggg !
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黃麗月 早安吉祥^_^
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Lisa Reeve Wish I was in one, maybe another semester. Love your classes!
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Aug. 20 (W), 2014 The future job creators.

Crystal Huang
29 minutes ago

Re-post. Old pictures are worth millions of words. Thanks to fb friends' sharing. Just curious, how much do you embrace Technocracy with the repressive techno-consumption? How much the techno-hype do you concern about before jumping on the hypie-wagon?

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Crystal Huang Re-post : the original version

Trickmousing [Original]
My intelligent mice doing amazing tricks. Visit them on facebook:
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Crystal Huang E. Thorndike might surprise that the Rodent Majesties could do better than the Feline Majesties for the law of effect ! Why did the Skinner Chamber reduce pigeons into homo sapiens?
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Crystal Huang Chatting with a couple of IT students - Don't worry, be happy. Some jobs are obsolete, but fortunately, the two index-finger tips and the nearsighted eye-balls take on the job creators' roles ! What are they??? ohh well, such as we need more and more jobs from people who fix our all sorts of tech-gadget induced eye problems; and the pipeline of fingers, elbows, arms and shoulders which support to our multi-functional index-fingers on the tinier and tiniest repressive-consumptuous devises.

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Aug. 20 (W), 2014 The Edu-Leviathan! Crystal's serendipitous teaching-learning-sharing#41

Crystal Huang
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Her journey here, is quite simple and pretty much focused - "finding a job to continue paying her high tuition cost/debts"- Don't be jealous of her, O.K.? - A Wonderful Life !!

Last semester she paid $1363 for a Credit to contribute to her 24 credit dissertation fees. Just know she got the new tuition and fee bill- $1402 (constantly growing to aim high :D) Per Credit based on a generous and thoughtful "Reciprocal Act"-similar to the instate rate– and this is NOT a “PRIVATE” school. She has been paying almost 1 to 3 credits per semester due to being a LUCKY part-time student at a university of a neighboring state with a unique teaching load at a local college.

Optimistically, she has been highly motivated to continue to pay her 80th credit for a total 84-credit Degree Cost (She vividly remembers- the very first credit she paid was $560 - how cheap it was a while ago!) – a delightful edu-prosumer: earning from teaching and spending on learning ! - exactly, no more no less, hehehe....

Obviously, the whole message is about Business/Enterprise.  Indeed, the Educational Business is an enormous Business, no matter big schools or small schools - mainly , are edu-businesses.

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Crystal Huang A couple of years ago, friends kindly recommended her to transfer to some “Proprietary" Online Schools... She Almost Agreed with them… And she is such a die-hard "informal/serendipitous Learning" believer ! Would you deny that Credentialism is not an adorable Edu-Leviathan? Otherwise, dear MOOCs, where are you - Come to rescue her!!!???

Fortunately, thanks for all almighty gods to privilege her - She still has a job to pay her learning cost/debts - a lucky few: You know this "entitlement" has been denied to many people !

By the way, James Morrison prophesies that the University is dead (or will be dead?)... But the worshipers say- Long live the Ivy League, Long live the Big Universities... !
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Crystal Huang Who says that she is not RICH !? - just learned to appreciate that tightening the belt - sometimes, is good for health ! ! One the other hand, once in a while, her "unbelievable" capacity of paying such humongous tuition, fees and the rest (close to $60,000 so far) makes her feel like a Proud "Upper-Class" ! - Indeed, that feeling is soooo gooood.

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Renee Smith Learning is a great investment!!
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黃麗月 書中自有黃金屋! 雖辛苦,樂在求知! 世上第一等人!
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Crystal Huang 書中恣有惶驚嗚? !
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黃麗月 take easy !
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Aug 14 (TH), 2014 Don't Shoot! Crystal's serendipitous teaching-learning-sharing#40

Crystal Huang shared Occupy San Francisco's photo.
26 minutes ago
Picture taken today at Howard University.

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Crystal Huang On Aug 6 (W), 2014 during a tech blending/integration workshop, here is my project presentation- :

The learning Journey of Introduction to Diversity Studies

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Crystal Huang Click the above the forward/backward arrow keys or any part of the canvas for a specific scene ( ZUI- zooming user interfaced with an Imagined background music).
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Aug. 13 (W), 2014 A Little Garden of Delights

"The Last Rose Of Summer"

'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone
All her lovely companions are faded and gone
No flower of her kindred, no rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes and give sigh for sigh

I'll not leave thee, thou lone one, to pine on the stem
Since the lovely are sleeping, go sleep thou with them
Thus kindly I scatter thy leaves o'er the bed
Where thy mates of the garden lie scentless and dead

So soon may I follow when friendships decay
And from love's shining circle the gems drop away
When true hearts lie withered and fond ones are flown
Oh who would inhabit this bleak world alone?
This bleak world alone

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Aug. 12 (T), 2014 A Tale of Two Colleges Crystal's One-Page-Snippet #271

is enjoying all kinds of beautiful things, and then suddenly, an old idea buried in deep part of my mind, popping out...

Crystal Huang Again, the beautiful oldie for the precious summer time -

Dana - All kinds of everything 1970

Dana - All kinds of everything 1970 ... butterflies and bees sailboats and fishe... See More

Aug. 12 (T), 2014 The Primary Day. Crystal's One-Page Snippet

Crystal Huang
36 minutes ago

Not too late for some homework before engaging in today's Primary Activities!

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Crystal Huang Dear Wisconsinites -
! Not TOO Late for Some homework before Engaging in Today's Primary Activities
We are not alone! ... See More

The Primary Primer: A Marquee Match-Up Featuring an Obama
(Getty Images) ABC's Shushannah Walshe and Caleb Jackson report: We have three days of primaries this week with six states voting, but today we'll be watching Kansas, Missouri, Washington, and Michigan. There's a marquee match-up in Kansas that's another GOP establishment vs. tea party brawl, and t ...
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Huang crystal FAR See How People Worked Together to PAVE the Way!
Reflected on one enjoys the privileges Today.
Here are Some "evidences" for Review !:
US Voting Rights
When the Constitution WAS written, only white male Property Owners (about 10 to 16 percent of the nation's Population) HAD the vote. Over the Past Two Centuries, THOUGH, the Term "GOVERNMENT by the People" HAS Managing Director a Reality. DURING the Early 1800s, States gradually dropped Property requirements for Voting. Later, Groups That HAD BEEN excluded Previously gained the right to vote. Other Reforms and made ​​the Process Easier.

Only white male adult Property-Owners have the right to vote.

Last Religious Prerequisite for Voting is Eliminated.

Property Tax and ownership requirements Eliminated by 1850. Almost All adult white Males could vote.

Connecticut Adopts the nation's first test for Voting Literacy. Massachusetts Follows SUIT The Tests Were Implemented in 1857. to discriminate against Irish-Catholic Immigrants.

The 15th Amendment is passed. It Gives former slaves the right to vote and Protects Voting Rights of the adult male citizens of any race.

Florida Adopts a poll Tax. Ten other southern States Will Implement poll Taxes.

Mississippi adopts a literacy test to keep African Americans from voting. Numerous other states-not just in the south-also establish literacy tests. However, the tests also exclude many whites from voting. To get around this, states add grandfather clauses that allow those who could vote before 1870, or Their descendants, to vote regardless of Literacy or Tax Qualifications.

The 17th Amendment Calls for Members of the US Senate to be Elected Directly by the People instead of State Legislatures.

Oklahoma State to append WAS the Last a grandfather clause to ITS Literacy Requirement (1910). In Guinn V. United States the Supreme Court rules That the clause is in conflict with the 15th Amendment, thereby outlawing Literacy Tests for federal Elections.

The 19th Amendment Guarantees Women's suffrage.

Indian citizenship Act Grants All the Rights of Native Americans citizenship, INCLUDING the right to vote in federal Elections.

The Supreme Court Outlaws "white primaries" in Smith V. Allwright (Texas). In Texas, and other States, primaries Were Conducted by Private Associations, Which, by definion, could exclude whomever THEY chose. The Court Declares the nomination to be a public Process Process bound by the terms of 15th Amendment.

The first Law to Implement the 15th Amendment, the Civil Rights Act, is passed. the Civil Rights Act SET up the Commission-Among ITS Duties is to Investigate voter discrimination.

In Gomillion V. Lightfoot (Alabama) the Court Outlaws "gerrymandering."

The 23rd Amendment Allows Voters of the District of Columbia to Participate in Presidential Elections .

The 24th Amendment bans the poll Tax as a Requirement for Voting in federal Elections.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., mounts a voter Registration drive in Selma, Alabama, to Draw Attention to African-American National Voting Rights.

the Voting Rights Act Protects the Rights of Minority Voters and eliminates Voting Barriers SUCH as the Literacy test. The Act is Expanded and Renewed in 1970, 1975, and 1982.

The Supreme Court, in Harper V. Virginia Board of Elections, eliminates the Tax poll as a Qualification for Voting in any Election. A poll Tax WAS Still in use in Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia.

The Court upholds the Voting Rights Act in South Carolina V. Katzenbach.

Literacy requirements are banned for Five years by the 1970 renewal of the Voting Rights Act. At the time, eighteen states still have a literacy requirement in place. In Oregon v. Mitchell, the Court upholds the ban on literacy tests, which is made ​​permanent in 1975. Judge Hugo Black , writing the Court's Opinion, cited the "Long History of the discriminatory use of Literacy Tests to disenfranchise Voters on account of Their race" as the reason for Their Decision.

The 26th Amendment sets the Minimum Voting age at 18.

In Dunn V . Blumstein, the Supreme Court Declares That Lengthy Residence requirements for Voting in State and local Elections is unconstitutional and Suggests That 30 days is an Ample period.

The Federal "Motor Voter Law" Takes Effect, making it Easier to Register to vote.

federal Voting Standards and Procedures Act Requires States to Streamline Registration, Voting, and other Election Procedures.

In Shelby County V. Holder, the Supreme Court Strikes down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, Congress Which ESTABLISHED a Formula for Determining when to use if a state or voting jurisdiction requires prior approval before changing its voting laws. Under Section 5 of the act nine-mostly Southern-states with a history of discrimination must get clearance from Congress before changing voting rules to make sure racial minorities are not negatively affected . While the 5-4 Decision did not invalidate Section 5, it made ​​it Toothless Fallout from the ruling WAS swift, with SEVERAL States Moving Quickly to Change Their Voting Laws..

Read More: US Voting Rights | HTTP: // ...

US Voting Rights |
When the Constitution WAS written, only white male Property Owners (about 10 to ... See More
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July 26 (Sa), 2014 Crystal's teaching-learning-sharing#39 War and Grading

is busy with reading, grading and feedback. Serendipitous thoughts while being multitasking!
- share with you: "War and Grading"

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23 (W), 2014 A nice oldie for tonight - All kinds of everything reminds me of "learning" Crystal's teaching-learning-sharing#38

A nice oldie for tonight - all kind of everything reminds of me of "learning"

July 23 (T), 2014 Crystal's Serendipitous Teaching-Learning-Sharing#37 Student Collage Book Project Peer Review of the Sociology Hybrid Compressed Night Class

14 hours ago
End of summer Sociology class - Collage Book Project peer review(10 photos)

Terrific!!! - the last class session of our beloved Introduction to Sociology hybrid compressed night (6-9 pm.) course ! Due to time constraints ( 8 week hybrid), we did not do E-book project; instead, we agreed to do Collage hands-on. (The Physical book costs more, but the e-book takes more lab time. This was how to trade off in the compressed course).

Thanks, guys - you all survived ! Thanks to Jake and Marie brought in treats.
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Crystal Huang Very intense in the hybrid compressed! One has to be tough enough to wade through the turbulent challenges trough-out 8 weeks :)!

Tonight was the last class session of the summer school. The first one and half hours reviewed global stratification via detailed info of Modernization and Dependence theories. Using an example illustrated Enamel Wallenstein's global economy.

Discussed the notions behind Free Trade vs. Fair Trade (for the latter, is there such a thing existing??) as one of the many factors associated with the Global Inequality, and then audio-visual learning the last chapter-Collective Actions and Social Movements.

Concluded with Wangari Maathai's Hummingbird's tiny story (see below)

to enforce the power of  human beings' awakening and convergent will, even though, we are both the architect and prisoners of the society.

Indeed, individual efforts count, such as the following;

it is the collective power of social movements

that changes society when time has come to sustain human society's survival.

And finally shared videos regarding the most significant and important mass-scale global movement - The Environmental Revolution which needs to be compressed within decades!

The rest of the 2nd hour did Peer Book-review, and the third hour for the final exam. When they were taking the final exam, I read/graded their project critiques, so they could get back their book. Everybody looked so SERIOUS (could be exhausted?!)
- except me !
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Crystal Huang yep, Flipped, Differentiate, PBL, BBL, YCL (You Care Learning),
ICL (I Care Learning); seemingly the last two "Models" work better ! ...exhausting the possibilities!
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Valerie Chang Happy Birthday

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林建宇 Wish you have a...
♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪...See MoreSee Translation

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Learning and Teaching of Crystal Li-chin Huang


Crystal 2011 Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Experience:

Fall 2003 to present, Faculty, teaching Sociology, Psychology, American Government, Social Problems, and Diversity Studies via multiple delivery formats (course designer and facilitator for the face to face, online, hybrid, ITV -High School Youth Option, Web-conference, and Accelerated/Evening alternative methods) at the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC)

Spring 2000 to spring 2003, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Stout

95-97, TA at the Wayne State College, NE

1. Taught “Introduction to Visual Arts” sections
2. Assisted Design, and Painting studio courses
3. Conducted workshop for Information Literacy and Library Automated System

Professional Experience:

2000 to 2003, adviser of Undecided Student Advisement Program, UW-Stout

1999 to 2000, program assistant at the Undecided Student Advisement Office,

College of Arts and Sciences, UW-Stout

Nov.1997 to Jan.1999, Computer Layout Specialist in the Composing Department and

lifestyle columnist in the Editorial Department of the Dunn County News, Menomonie, WI

1992-93, library assistant, UW-Madison

Civil Servant:

1. Congressional aide at the Legislative Yuan (首屆立法院 國會助理 Congress of Taiwan), Taipei

Job including: coordinating election campaigns, Congressional speech writer and serving constituencies.

2. Taiwan-China policy researcher at the Executive Yuan (大陸工作會報 - 陸委會前身 Central Government), Taipei.

1. Journalist at the Ta Hwa Evening News, Taipei.

2. Cultural/English tour guide at the Ministry of
Transportation, Taipei, Taiwan.

3. Military educator, and English/Japanese instructor.


Learning Technologies (previous Instructional System and Technology) Ph.D. program, Department of
Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Research topic: The Perceptions of Students and Instructors Who Experienced Multiple Delivery Formats- Face to Face, Online, and Hybrid. Graduate in 2013, expected
(ABD status).

M.S. Ed., Art Education, Wayne State College, Nebraska with a minor in Computer Science.
Research Project: Integrating Multimedia Technology into Art Curriculum with Classroom Implementation, 1997.

M.S. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Social Psychology focusing on Social Movements
Minors: Journalism and Women's Studies. Thesis Title: Multilevel Analysis of A Social Movement-1947, 228 Social Uprising in Taiwan, 1993.

M.A. Socio-political Science (the Graduate Institute of National Development), National Taiwan University. Thesis: Social Ideology and Gender Roles- Women's Issues in Contemporary society, 1986.

Special Training. Major: Military Education. Political Warfare Academy, Army of Taiwan (due to a national crisis, I joined the Army Academy).

B.A. Sociology, National Taiwan University.

Areas of Interests

Innovation in Online Education Programs

TPACK Integration of Emerging Technologies

Equity and Quality of Diverse Learning in the Digital Age

Learning Technologies in the post-secondary educational setting

Interdisciplinary collaborative (Education, Social Science, and Technologies) Learning


Interpersonal, enthusiastic, and helpful with strong work ethics

Multiple language ability: Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese

Have taken computer science as a minor.
Knowledgeable of C++, JAVA, Assembly language and Web Design
General Software application: Multi-aid, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office
2010,Hyperstudio, Inspiration and variety of social media applications
CMS/LMS: BlackBoard, WebCT, E360, Moodle, Joomla.
Authorize tools: Macromedia (DreamWeaver, and Flash)
Web 3.0, Blog 2.0., Cloud Computing, Photoshop/Photodeluxe, Premiere, Illustrator

PC and Mac proficiency

Visual-art making (2-D: Calligraphy; drawing, traditional ink/painting and mixed media;
3-D: mainly, ceramics and other mixed media

Trained quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods

Statistic software: Spssx, MaxQDA2, and Minitab


WebCT/BlackBoard/E360 (LMS) Teaching Certificates from UW-Stout and CVTC

Hybrid and Web-conference training Certificates from CVTC

Quality Matters Certified Peer-Reviewer

Web Design and ITV Certificates from UW-Stout

General and Special Higher Civil Service Certificates from Taiwan

Academic Activities and Professional Development

2012, Research proposal: “Why, Afraid of Integrating E-Book Project into A Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Study Course”? accepted by the 28th Distance Learning Conference for presentation at Madison, WI

2010, Research proposal: “Struggles and Triumphs– A Female Minority Social Science Instructor’s Reflection on Sociology Web-conference Course in Facilitating Disadvantaged Learners”, accepted by Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation. (The next four research projects, due to my job descriptions in a 2-year college and budget issues, I was unable to attend and present)

2010, Research proposal: “From Quantity to Quality - Quality Matters! But, What and How Does It Matter? –Pursuing Online Courses Quality Assurance One Step at A Time!” accepted by the Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation

2010, Panelist, Hybrid Teaching- Panel Discussion, In-Service, 2010, CVTC

2010, Research proposal: “Live Meeting: Web-conference Triumph in Sociology Course facilitation”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2010, Research proposal: “Constructing a Bio-ecological System of Teaching and Learning Environment for 2-year College”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “What is the Lived Experience of Designing and Teaching Multiple Delivery Methods -Live Meeting, Hybrid, Online, and Face To Face (f2f) within a Semester at a Technical College Setting”? Also presented in a poster session
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “Learning Information Technologies as Empowering Tools to Narrow the Class and Gender Gap in Rural-Urban Spectrum- A review from Global to U.S. Perspective”.
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2008, Quantitative Research Project- “Do The Knowledge Of Using The Internet And The Annual Income Level Affect The Total Life Skill Assessments Of Rural Low Income Mothers”? University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as part of my RA projects)

2008, Co-presenter: The 16th Midwest Quality Research Conference
Topic: “The Lived Experience of Relocated Teachers in Korea”, at St. Thomas University

2008, Presenter, The 1st C & I Research Day
Topic: (Green and Dao) “The Wonder of the Tao-Six Meditation on Science, Spirit, and the Future of Economics”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Co-presenter: “A Brief Introduction to the Multimedia Enhancer” at UW-Stout

2008, Co-presenter: “A Mini-presentation: A brief of CMS” at UW-Stout

2008, Poster presentation: Beauty vs. Artistic Beauty at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Poster presentation: “Freedom Writers- A Critical Analysis from A Contextual Perspective”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2007-8, Collaborative Research Project: Joined the “Rural Families Speak”– A Multistate, Longitudinal and Multidisciplinary research project, focusing on low-income women’s using information technology, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as a RA)

2007, Course presentation, “Reflection on the Pedagogies of the Oppressor and the Oppressed”, at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

2006, Research paper: Exploration of PCTMK Model of Hybrid Teaching. Published as an Op-Ed in the Dunn County News

2004, Collaborative project. Assisting professor emeritus Jim Eggert as a translator and illustrator of the Book-“The Wonder of the Tao- A Meditation on Spirituality & Ecological Balance”. FL: Brumby Holding, Inc.

2004, Panelist, UW-System Women's Study Consortium
Topic: “A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Childless Issues in Contemporary American Society”, at UW-Stout

2003, Keynote speaker: Annual Spring Awards and Recognition of Multicultural Student Services at UW-Stout

2003, Presenter, “A Cultural Sojourner's ‘Courage to teach’ in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Poster presentation, Student and Faculty Research Day:”An Action Research Report on a Spontaneous Thematic Pedagogy in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Panelist- International Forum
AAUW Midwest Regional Conference Presentation: “The Trajectory of Women's Transformation via Education - 3 Women's Stories”, at Rapid City, South Dakota

2001, Teaching Day Display, “Sociological Pedagogy-Blending Teaching Strategy to Empower Student Active Learning”, at UW-Stout

2001, Presenter, Professional Development Day: “Enhancing Active Teaching/Learning Via Electronic Application”, at UW-Stout

2001, Research paper: “A Thematic Approach of Teaching Sociology during September 11th Crisis”, accepted to the Midwest Sociologist Conference

1993, Book. The February 28, 1947 Uprising in Taiwan:
A Multi-level Analysis of Collective Actions.
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Affiliations /Associations

American Education and Research Association (AERA)

Association for Educational Communications and Technologies (AECT)

International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE)

National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)


American Sociological Association.

Member of American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Involvements and Awards

Co-chair of Professional Development Committee of Chippewa Valley Technical College Career and Technical Education Association

Co-chair of the Chippewa Valley Technical College Education Association Scholarship Foundation

CVACTE Event/Year Book Coordinator

CVTCEA Event Coordinator

Representative of ALC (Academic Leadership Council –WTCS)

Representative to the Advisory Committees of Renal Dialysis, Surgical Technician and Landscape programs.

Course representative of Social Problems.

2001, nominated and the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to UW-System and Women of Color representing UW-Stout in 2001

2006, nominated and the recipient of the Regional Outstanding Teacher of Chippewa Valley Technical College

2010, nominated to the Teaching Excellent Award at the Chippewa Valley Technical College