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Oct 30 (Th), 2014 A little common sense of Halloween in the 21st Century.

Crystal Huang
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Reminds of whom?? ! Shared from Diane Dillner Zollars's post. Thanks.

See What A Black Cat Really Thinks About Halloween...
Well, Henri really does have it rough. After all a black cat isn't looked on favorably this time of year. Watch as he laments the latest chapter of his life.
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Crystal Huang
The narrator in the video (or the protagonist) sounds like the Queen of this household - Majesty Cleopatra =^.^= ! Now she is looking at me with skepticism !
Crystal Huang's photo.
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Crystal Huang
Don't you think that people do have some sort of common sense in the 21st Century?? Not surprisingly, it happened in CLARKSVILLE, Tenn.!!
Finally the offensive Halloween display outside of a Fort Campbell home has been removed.

"The display appeared to show an African-American family hanging from a tree outside of an on-post residence on Litwin Street.

The child in the display had a knife in its back."

Officials said the resident willingly removed the decorations after being informed of concerns raised by the community.
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Oct 30 (Th), 2014. Pop Quiz for Today! Mini Education without Borders Series

- Mini Education without Borders -

9 hrs ·

Pop quiz for today-
(1) short answer - Vote: Why and why not?
(2) True and False -
While voting via the unscrupulous hands is dangerous, not-to-vote is the way to commemorate those who fought and sacrificed their life for this very right.
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Crystal Huang
On the other hand, students of my yesterday sociology classes voiced their stand and critiqued on the two-party system (I added up the dubious "winner takes all 'tradition' ", voting right suppression, and the gerrymandering practices...etc.), in particular, the issue of choice between the "lesser nice" !
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Joseph Lai No healthy foods...
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Crystal Huang
Ya, the rampant problems of Monsanto and GMOs, as well as the mass production of unhealthy food by gigantic corporate food industries.
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Diane Dillner Zollars I'm confused. Why is not voting a way to commemorate those who fought for voter's rights?

Oct 30 (Th), 2014. How to sell a book/commodity? Mini Education without Borders

Crystal Huang
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- Mini Education Without Borders -
Why and How is 官大學問大and 財大學問大???
Last night, like the typical Charles Rose's - the "celebrities' powerful media networking conglomeration" interview - on Amy Poehler (ya, reminds us a lot of the SNL) to sell or promote variety of commodities, in this episode - it was not about selling the dominant ideologies, but as usual, a book. Pretty nice.
How many writers' books/publications can reach millions of audience and potential readers or con...
See More
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Crystal Huang Rose asked a little bit about her background as part of the interview.
Poehler said that she grew up from a VERY BLUE COLLAR family.
Instantly, people typically engaging in manufacturing, mining, sanitation, custodian work, oil field, construction, mec...See More
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Crystal Huang It was kind of interesting that Amy Poehler thought her Educator- parents were blue collar working-class people!!
Perhaps, in Massachusetts, the educational profession is categorized as working class-blue collar job???
Indeed, Educators tend not to get rich as the Big people in the business, politics, military-complex and industries.
In many Far-eastern cultures, being an educator is deemed as pretty decent white-collar, middle class occupation/profession, due to the rich cultural capitals and social status, which cannot be calculated or converted into the monetary terms.
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黃麗月 早安順心吉祥^_^
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Crystal Huang What do you think that parents' education and occupation have high correlation (if not causation) with children's life chances, for better or worse, according to this line of research?
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Crystal Huang

Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27 (M), 2014. A Song of Reminiscence - A Melancholic Colonial-Romance: 安平追想曲

" Anping recollected song 安平追想曲 "(Taiwan Luo : An-pîng Tui-sióng-khik) was composed ​​by Xu Sher and written by the famous Taiwanese lyricist Chen Daru in 1951.

The song describes a sorrowful love story of a comprador businessmen's daughter in Taiwan.
She and a Dutch physician gave birth to a blonde in Anping, Tainan, a major city of the south part of Taiwan during the Dutch-colonial period of time in the 17th century.

The blonde grew up encountering with the similar fate of her mother, betrayed by her lover- another foreigner.

There are two time-frames regarding the origin of Anping recollected song: One is during  the 17th century, the Dutch colonial period in Taiwan. The other one is based on a 19th century's legend.

The inter-racial, inter-ethnic love affairs and the offspring they brought to this world during the traditionally colonial society was unusual and caused controversies and pains to the protagonists of the weak.

安平追想曲  Anping recollected song  (離別的叮)  


身穿花紅長洋裝 風吹金髮思情郎
想郎船何往 音信全無通 伊是行船遇風浪
放我情難忘 我的心情無地講
相思寄著海邊風 海風無情笑我憨

相思情郎想自己 不知爹親二十年
思念想欲見 只有金十字 乎我母親左遺記
放我私生兒 我聽母初講起 愈想不幸愈悲哀
到底現在生或死 啊...伊是荷蘭的船醫...

想起母子的命運 心肝想爹也怨爹
別人有爹疼 我是母親晟 今日青春孤單影
全望多情兄 望兄的船隻 早日回歸安平城
安平純情金小姐 啊...等你入港銅鑼聲

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oct 26 (Sn), 2014. Random Thoughts

Crystal Huang
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Pop quiz for today- True or False:
Voting via the unscrupulous hands is dangerous >:(( ;
Un-voting by the responsible people is, definitely, detrimental !!!!!

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Crystal Huang The above poster was downloaded from the Internet. Thanks for sharing.
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Crystal Huang shared Sith TV's video: දුම්පානය, මෝඩයන්ට පමණයි!
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Pop quiz for today: True or False
Don't smoke while befriending with people ! !

දුම්පානය, මෝඩයන්ට පමණයි!

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Crystal Huang Share with all cat-dog-lovers !

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Crystal Huang shared ‎ההרצאה הכי טובה ששמעתי בחיים‎'s video: The cleverest prank you will ever see!
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My last question and post for this week - well refrained !
Why is there no any slaughter-house built with Glass Walls?
or I should reword the question:
Imagine, what would it be like if the slaughter-house were built with Glass Walls?

The cleverest prank you will ever see!

ההרצאה הכי טובה ששמעתי בחיים‎ uploaded a new video from February 22, 2013 to their timeline .

What the Hell is Going on at the Supermarket in Brazil?!

Another great one:
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Jilly Biddell Isn't it strange, where the hell do they think it comes from?
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Oct 26 (Sn), 2014. Song for today: Who is that Unknown?

Do you also feel like singing? What's that- 苦恨年年壓金線, 為他人做嫁衣裳 ! ??



蓬門未識綺羅香 托良媒亦自傷 相依有弟妹
生 小失爹娘 妝成誰惜嬌模樣 啊~
碧玉年華芳春時節 啊~啊~空自迴腸

夢迴何處是家鄉 有浮雲掩月光 問誰憐弱質
幽 怨託情傷 舞袖歌扇增惆悵 啊~

碧玉年華芳春時節 啊~啊~空自迴腸
夢迴何處是家鄉 有浮雲掩月光 問誰憐弱質
幽 怨託情傷 舞袖歌扇增惆悵 啊~

隨處飄萍頻年壓線 空自淒涼

Oct 26 (Sa), 2014 Untitled - Sukiyaki





Ue o muite arukō
namida ga koborenai youni
omoidasu haruno hi
hitoribocchi no yoru
ue o muite arukō
nijinda hoshi o kazoete
omoidasu natsuno hi
hitoribocchi no yoru
shiawase wa kumo no ueni
shiawase wa sora no ueni
ue o muite arukō
namida ga koborenai youni
nakinagara aruku
hitoribocchi no yoru
omoidasu akino hi
hitoribocchi no yoru
kanashimi wa hoshino kageni
kanashimi wa tsukino kageni
ue o muite arukō
namida ga koborenai youni
nakinagara aruku
hitoribocchi no yoru
hitoribocchi no yoru
I look up while I walk
So the tears won't fall
Remembering those spring days
But tonight I'm all alone
I look up while I walk
Counting the stars with teary eyes
Remembering those summer days
But tonight I'm all alone
Happiness lies beyond the clouds
Happiness lies above the sky
I look up while I walk
So the tears won't fall
I cry while I walk
For I am alone tonight
Remembering those autumn days
But tonight I'm all alone
Sadness hides in the shadow of the stars
Sadness hides in the shadow of the moon
I look up while I walk
So the tears won't fall
My heart is filled with sorrow
For tonight I am alone
For tonight I am alone

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oct 25 (Sa), 2014. How to conduct mind-bogging events?

Crystal Huang
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Pop quiz for tonight:
Why are the local stations (often time, Radios) pre-occupied with the Sport news (from details to trivias, repeated hours and hours...), religious messages (more hours..), entertaining/consumption activities (tons of hours), with some Ideologues' ranting (endlessly) ?

No any other FUN things available?? - one of the biggest "epidemiologies, or E-Ebola" caused by radios, TVs and the rest of mass communications (surly, tons of alternative social media sites too) !???
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James Rockhold because that is what the masses want and whats sells advertising.
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Crystal Huang Ya, the most cheapest and effective way of mind-controlling, distracting things that matter to the real life situation, in particular, during the campaign seasons...
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Crystal Huang Hard for me to say so: Animal issues can be a great distraction too, because many people care animals' well being more than people's....
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James Rockhold you can't get an unbias news report or candidate information anywhere. one has to watch or listen to all of it then winnow out the chaff from the wheat as best you can
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Crystal Huang Ya, do you need another piece of homework or assignment? - I have tons available - Just kidding !
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James Rockhold Geez you can't even get a straight forward answer from the candidates themselves.
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James Rockhold I take that back I emailed one candidate about his stance on gun control. He replied with a very clear statement. I was impressed
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Bill Porter Oh, joy, another forum on which to rant about the value of public school education and the notion of teaching to figure out what needs to be learned and framing the question in a way that will elicit a useful answer.
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Crystal Huang Some of my fb friends are very specific, and some are more global. I tend to commit the "Global" Error, hard to nail down the specific which needs to do lots of homework ! Political campaigns use lots of Sound Bites - making issues Black and White without bothering the frontal lobe ?! Such as NRCLB - "no-rich-child-left-behind" !
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Crystal Huang Good night with a Song

Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Moment Of Glory)
For more info -
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James Rockhold Good night.
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Crystal Huang Good night!

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Crystal Huang

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Crystal Huang

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Crystal Huang

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James Rockhold I thought you went to bed LOL
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Crystal Huang Isn't good night a greeting word? I am a night owl.
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James Rockhold I guess it could be!! The vino is keeping me up..I'm hardly a night owl. LOL
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Oct 25 (Sa), 2014. Do you enjoy letting "others" to decide your best interest and the common good?

Crystal Huang
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Have you cast your precious vote yet??
How much you care? What are your concerns?
Better job and Working condition - for the Bedrock of Society, or to widen the socio-economic gap?
Better Education - for the majority or the privileged few?
Better Health care availability- for the general hard-working people, or the rich and the powerful?
Better Environmental Protection - for the excessively profiteering interest groups, or for the rest of the sentient beings?
Better Protection for Children, Women and the rest of sentient beings, or supporting the invisible econo-Politi-Religious Domination?

Vote for better or worse??? Your 100% "Free Will" - no kidding.
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Crystal Huang Surly, casting the vote is not the only way to get the voice out, to show who the real BOSS is, and whose real concerns and power. Don't let go one of the Most Powerful Moment you Possess !!!! ! Still time to do homework before casting - for both Absentee cast or booth cast.

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Crystal Huang Do you enjoy letting "others" to decide your best interest and the common good?
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Diane Dillner Zollars I have
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Crystal Huang @Great, Diane. Me too. But due to being a minority (I could sense the clerical person's uneasiness to give me the ballot . Many times in the past! Haha !). Indeed, I always worry my vote that could be " missing" from the count ! I consulted my lawyer colleague regarding vote-counting fraudulent issues...though. For I could get a paper trail !

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Diane Dillner Zollars Let's just encourage as many people to vote as possible. I'd prefer Democrat, but whatever floats your boat.
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Crystal Huang I don't vote along the Party line!!! (Just had a text conversation with Diane. As an educator (and many students joined my fb) I need to keep certain degree of neutrality, particularly, regarding politics.

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Oct 25 (Sa), 2014. Are you curious about the correlation between An American modern "老萊子 Lau Lai-Tz, or Old Levin child" and the Halloween Jubilee?

Crystal Huang added 3 new photos.

33 mins · Edited ·
Are you curious about the correlation between An American modern "老萊子 Lau Lai-Tz, or Old Levin child" and the Halloween Jubilee? (All Three Pictures / Design Attached Below are from the Protagonist Joseph).!

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Crystal Huang First of All, to Enjoy this nice Halloween Story, WE Need to know who "old Levin child Lau Lai-Tz" is The legend goes this way:. Old Levin child 's parents lived very long as nonagenarians (around 450 BC) One of the Reasons THEY lived so Long Could be the function of the "Filial Piety filial" which was a strong family value reinforced by various types of socialization processes.

old Levin son taking care of his parents with all his heart, even though in his 70s. According to the existing literature's' depiction, he never used the word "old" in front of his parents. In many occasions, he dressed himself up with cute-baby clothings, fumbling with funny baby toys, and acting escapade and silliness just like a little kid to please the old parents (forgetting the social and Biological clocks !!) 

My dear Colleague Mr. Joseph Baxter, one of Our School's campus- beauticians / custodians, he does not do the Same Things like old Levin child, but very close, so far as I know!
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Crystal Huang Can you Find where Joseph and His mom Ms. Betty Baxter are in the above Picture? THEY Were Playing hide and Seek for a pre-Halloween fun. You Might Also want to know a Remarkable, Respectable Lady Betty, a Widow Raising 6 Children All by Herself afte ... See More
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Crystal Huang By the Way, did you Watch Tony Barnett and Lady GaGa's Cheek to Cheek show? "Something like That" ! ???

Learning and Teaching of Crystal Li-chin Huang


Crystal 2011 Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Experience:

Fall 2003 to present, Faculty, teaching Sociology, Psychology, American Government, Social Problems, and Diversity Studies via multiple delivery formats (course designer and facilitator for the face to face, online, hybrid, ITV -High School Youth Option, Web-conference, and Accelerated/Evening alternative methods) at the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC)

Spring 2000 to spring 2003, Lecturer, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Stout

95-97, TA at the Wayne State College, NE

1. Taught “Introduction to Visual Arts” sections
2. Assisted Design, and Painting studio courses
3. Conducted workshop for Information Literacy and Library Automated System

Professional Experience:

2000 to 2003, adviser of Undecided Student Advisement Program, UW-Stout

1999 to 2000, program assistant at the Undecided Student Advisement Office,

College of Arts and Sciences, UW-Stout

Nov.1997 to Jan.1999, Computer Layout Specialist in the Composing Department and

lifestyle columnist in the Editorial Department of the Dunn County News, Menomonie, WI

1992-93, library assistant, UW-Madison

Civil Servant:

1. Congressional aide at the Legislative Yuan (首屆立法院 國會助理 Congress of Taiwan), Taipei

Job including: coordinating election campaigns, Congressional speech writer and serving constituencies.

2. Taiwan-China policy researcher at the Executive Yuan (大陸工作會報 - 陸委會前身 Central Government), Taipei.

1. Journalist at the Ta Hwa Evening News, Taipei.

2. Cultural/English tour guide at the Ministry of
Transportation, Taipei, Taiwan.

3. Military educator, and English/Japanese instructor.


Learning Technologies (previous Instructional System and Technology) Ph.D. program, Department of
Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Research topic: The Perceptions of Students and Instructors Who Experienced Multiple Delivery Formats- Face to Face, Online, and Hybrid. Graduate in 2013, expected
(ABD status).

M.S. Ed., Art Education, Wayne State College, Nebraska with a minor in Computer Science.
Research Project: Integrating Multimedia Technology into Art Curriculum with Classroom Implementation, 1997.

M.S. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Social Psychology focusing on Social Movements
Minors: Journalism and Women's Studies. Thesis Title: Multilevel Analysis of A Social Movement-1947, 228 Social Uprising in Taiwan, 1993.

M.A. Socio-political Science (the Graduate Institute of National Development), National Taiwan University. Thesis: Social Ideology and Gender Roles- Women's Issues in Contemporary society, 1986.

Special Training. Major: Military Education. Political Warfare Academy, Army of Taiwan (due to a national crisis, I joined the Army Academy).

B.A. Sociology, National Taiwan University.

Taipei Municipal First Girls' High School.

Areas of Interests

Innovation in Online Education Programs

TPACK Integration of Emerging Technologies

Equity and Quality of Diverse Learning in the Digital Age

Learning Technologies in the post-secondary educational setting

Interdisciplinary collaborative (Education, Social Science, and Technologies) Learning


Interpersonal, enthusiastic, and helpful with strong work ethics

Multiple language ability: Taiwanese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese

Have taken computer science as a minor.
Knowledgeable of C++, JAVA, Assembly language and Web Design
General Software application: Multi-aid, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office
2010,Hyperstudio, Inspiration and variety of social media applications
CMS/LMS: BlackBoard, WebCT, E360, Moodle, Joomla.
Authorize tools: Macromedia (DreamWeaver, and Flash)
Web 3.0, Blog 2.0., Cloud Computing, Photoshop/Photodeluxe, Premiere, Illustrator

PC and Mac proficiency

Visual-art making (2-D: Calligraphy; drawing, traditional ink/painting and mixed media;
3-D: mainly, ceramics and other mixed media

Trained quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods

Statistic software: Spssx, MaxQDA2, and Minitab


WebCT/BlackBoard/E360 (LMS) Teaching Certificates from UW-Stout and CVTC

Hybrid and Web-conference training Certificates from CVTC

Quality Matters Certified Peer-Reviewer

Web Design and ITV Certificates from UW-Stout

General and Special Higher Civil Service Certificates from Taiwan

Academic Activities and Professional Development

2012, Research proposal: “Why, Afraid of Integrating E-Book Project into A Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Study Course”? accepted by the 28th Distance Learning Conference for presentation at Madison, WI

2010, Research proposal: “Struggles and Triumphs– A Female Minority Social Science Instructor’s Reflection on Sociology Web-conference Course in Facilitating Disadvantaged Learners”, accepted by Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation. (The next four research projects, due to my job descriptions in a 2-year college and budget issues, I was unable to attend and present)

2010, Research proposal: “From Quantity to Quality - Quality Matters! But, What and How Does It Matter? –Pursuing Online Courses Quality Assurance One Step at A Time!” accepted by the Association of Educational Communication and Technologies (AECT) for presentation

2010, Panelist, Hybrid Teaching- Panel Discussion, In-Service, 2010, CVTC

2010, Research proposal: “Live Meeting: Web-conference Triumph in Sociology Course facilitation”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2010, Research proposal: “Constructing a Bio-ecological System of Teaching and Learning Environment for 2-year College”, accepted by the League of Innovation 2010 Maryland Conference

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “What is the Lived Experience of Designing and Teaching Multiple Delivery Methods -Live Meeting, Hybrid, Online, and Face To Face (f2f) within a Semester at a Technical College Setting”? Also presented in a poster session
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2009, Presenter: AECT Louisville International Convention
Topic: “Learning Information Technologies as Empowering Tools to Narrow the Class and Gender Gap in Rural-Urban Spectrum- A review from Global to U.S. Perspective”.
Paper published in the 2009 AECT Theories and Development Division Convention proceedings

2008, Quantitative Research Project- “Do The Knowledge Of Using The Internet And The Annual Income Level Affect The Total Life Skill Assessments Of Rural Low Income Mothers”? University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as part of my RA projects)

2008, Co-presenter: The 16th Midwest Quality Research Conference
Topic: “The Lived Experience of Relocated Teachers in Korea”, at St. Thomas University

2008, Presenter, The 1st C & I Research Day
Topic: (Green and Dao) “The Wonder of the Tao-Six Meditation on Science, Spirit, and the Future of Economics”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Co-presenter: “A Brief Introduction to the Multimedia Enhancer” at UW-Stout

2008, Co-presenter: “A Mini-presentation: A brief of CMS” at UW-Stout

2008, Poster presentation: Beauty vs. Artistic Beauty at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2008, Poster presentation: “Freedom Writers- A Critical Analysis from A Contextual Perspective”, at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

2007-8, Collaborative Research Project: Joined the “Rural Families Speak”– A Multistate, Longitudinal and Multidisciplinary research project, focusing on low-income women’s using information technology, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (as a RA)

2007, Course presentation, “Reflection on the Pedagogies of the Oppressor and the Oppressed”, at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

2006, Research paper: Exploration of PCTMK Model of Hybrid Teaching. Published as an Op-Ed in the Dunn County News

2004, Collaborative project. Assisting professor emeritus Jim Eggert as a translator and illustrator of the Book-“The Wonder of the Tao- A Meditation on Spirituality & Ecological Balance”. FL: Brumby Holding, Inc.

2004, Panelist, UW-System Women's Study Consortium
Topic: “A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Childless Issues in Contemporary American Society”, at UW-Stout

2003, Keynote speaker: Annual Spring Awards and Recognition of Multicultural Student Services at UW-Stout

2003, Presenter, “A Cultural Sojourner's ‘Courage to teach’ in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Poster presentation, Student and Faculty Research Day:”An Action Research Report on a Spontaneous Thematic Pedagogy in Intro-Sociology”, at UW-Stout

2002, Panelist- International Forum
AAUW Midwest Regional Conference Presentation: “The Trajectory of Women's Transformation via Education - 3 Women's Stories”, at Rapid City, South Dakota

2001, Teaching Day Display, “Sociological Pedagogy-Blending Teaching Strategy to Empower Student Active Learning”, at UW-Stout

2001, Presenter, Professional Development Day: “Enhancing Active Teaching/Learning Via Electronic Application”, at UW-Stout

2001, Research paper: “A Thematic Approach of Teaching Sociology during September 11th Crisis”, accepted to the Midwest Sociologist Conference

1993, Book. The February 28, 1947 Uprising in Taiwan:
A Multi-level Analysis of Collective Actions.
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Affiliations /Associations

American Education and Research Association (AERA)

Association for Educational Communications and Technologies (AECT)

International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education (WACTE)

National Educational Computing Conference (NECC)


American Sociological Association.

Member of American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Involvements and Awards

Co-chair of Professional Development Committee of Chippewa Valley Technical College Career and Technical Education Association

Co-chair of the Chippewa Valley Technical College Education Association Scholarship Foundation

CVACTE Event/Year Book Coordinator

CVTCEA Event Coordinator

Representative of ALC (Academic Leadership Council –WTCS)

Representative to the Advisory Committees of Renal Dialysis, Surgical Technician and Landscape programs.

Course representative of Social Problems.

2001, nominated and the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to UW-System and Women of Color representing UW-Stout in 2001

2006, nominated and the recipient of the Regional Outstanding Teacher of Chippewa Valley Technical College

2010, nominated to the Teaching Excellent Award at the Chippewa Valley Technical College